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Packing, preservation, and packaging of goods is designed to economically protect against hazards such as the environment, transportation, multiple handling, theft, and misrouting associated with shipping. The choice of transportation method, destination facilities, common hazards encountered in routing, and the physical characteristics of goods being shipped determine the style of available packaging. Our own skilled employees and fabrication shop provide crating either here at Boaz or on-site at a vendor’s facility, manufacture plant, docks, etc. Only quality materials are used in our operation and our employees possess a broad range of experience in design and fabrication. Major emphasis is placed on accurate, rapid processing of export documentation such as material receipts, packing lists, bills of lading, hazardous declarations, fumigation certificates, and multiple reports provided by our C2C bar coding, tracking system.


Container stuffing and stripping is normally accomplished in one of our six loading docks here at Boaz Export Crating Company. This process involves full truckloads of material as well as partial load consolidations and includes loose shipments, palletized or skidded materials, boxed materials, bagged goods, etc. Our clients may request the receiving, checking, and consolidation method of their shipment, which may involve inspections and verification against predetermined documentation.

On Site Services

On-Site Services represent approximately 40% of our total volume. A few of the reasons why some of our clients prefer us to export pack their freight on-site include minimizing trucking costs, taking advantage of their own specialized handling equipment, and protecting their material before it ever hits the road. We also perform a significant amount of work at both the private and public docks. We may work at the docks for security reasons or to eliminate surface transportation problems that would occur due to pieces being oversize and/or overweight. Boaz Export Crating Co. has excellent working relations with the Port of Houston, Jacinto Port, Joe D. Hughes, Gulf Stream, and Manchester Terminal.

Boaz maintains all of the necessary equipment required to execute the on-site job at hand successfully, day or night. Some of this equipment includes portable air compressors, multiple nail/staple guns, forklifts, portable saw shops, light towers and of course the trucks and trailers required to transport them. Precisely as work is performed at our facility, all carpenters, packers, and supervisors participating in on-site jobs are truly qualified in their field and place great emphasis on customer service and quality of crating.


Boaz Export Crating Company provides drayage services for all types of cargo, both locally and long haul. We utilize trucks from the Boaz fleet for most of our local loads, while delegating the latter. Boaz has interlined agreements with most of the major carriers servicing the Port of Houston, Barbours Cut Terminal, and surrounding areas.

  • Complete line of custom boxing and crating
  • Shrink-wrap packing
  • Vacuum packing
  • On-site project management / rig movements
  • Container stuffing and stripping
  • Material storage
  • Receiving inspection service
  • Consolidation of freight for shipment
  • On-site packaging capabilities
  • All-weather preservation treatment
  • HT certified
  • Hazmat certified
  • Complete insurance protection
  • Customized packing and logistical services available
  • 24 hr. security

HALBoaz Export Crating Company utilizes the C2C system by HAL, Inc. of Houston, TX. HAL has the largest market share in the export, freight forwarding, and logistics support industries.