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Key Personnel

Danny Boaz, Sr.
Email: dbsr@boaz-export.com
Phone: 281.513.9890

Danny Boaz, Sr. founded Boaz Export Crating Company in 1983. Danny works alongside his children and siblings and believes that this adds strength to the company. “Boaz Export is the livelihood of our family and we take pride in providing quality service that meets the needs of our customers.”

Robert Boaz
Email: r.boaz@boaz-export.com
Phone: 281.924.1949

Danny Boaz, Jr.
V.P. Purchasing / Inside Sales
Email: dbjr@boaz-export.com
Phone: 281.924.1952

Nina Boaz Saxe
Email: n.saxe@boaz-export.com

Misty Boaz
Office Manager
Email: m.boaz@boaz-export.com

Traci Boaz
Sr. Account Manager
Email: t.boaz@boaz-export.com

Lynda Boaz Colwell
Accounts Payable/Receivable
Email: l.colwell@boaz-export.com

Javier Calderon
Plant Manager
Email: j.calderon@boaz-export.com

Our Location

Boaz Export Crating Company
7430 Miller Road 2
Houston, TX 77049

Tel: 281.452.6400
Fax: 281.452.7848

Boaz Export Crating