About Boaz Export Crating Co.

“Quality Because We Care”

Boaz Export Crating Company is a fully integrated, Houston based crating, packing, and logistical service company. We provide quality processing and preparation of our clients’ materials and products for air, sea, or land transportation to the desired destination in original condition, on time, and for a reasonable cost.

Danny Boaz, Sr. founded Boaz Export Crating Company in 1983. Boaz was a one-man operation at that time, but Danny always placed great emphasis on quality and service. Danny Boaz, Sr. would buy his lumber, build and pack his crates at the customer’s site, and drive home to prepare the export documentation. We’re proud to say that we’ve grown a lot since those days, but we continue to run our company under those same quality concepts. Boaz Export Crating Company continues to strive for excellence in preparing our customer’s products for shipment.

The ability to provide outstanding service begins with choosing the right people for the job. By starting at ground zero, Danny Boaz, Sr. had the opportunity to hand select key employees. Most of our key personnel are family members and we believe that this adds strength to our company. Boaz Export Crating is the livelihood of our family and we take great pride in providing service that meets the needs of our clients.

Another aspect of our customer service is the amount of equipment that we have on hand at our facility. We make equipment-purchasing decisions based on whatever is necessary to complete a customer’s project under any condition or circumstance. We feel that we obtain more equipment, for a company our size, than any other in the industry.

Our motto here at Boaz is, “Quality Because We Care”. We attribute our tremendous growth over the last several years to this focus on the customer. We anticipate that our company will continue to grow and we look forward to earning your business!